Shine n’ Guard®

Shine n' guard product image
Shine n Guard product image
Shine n’ Guard<sup>®</sup>

Part# 5110

Restores Rubber, Vinyl, Leather & Plastic



MOC® Shine n' Guard® (#5110) is a universal, water-based, silicone protectant. This product has a clean, cherry aroma and is bright-white in color. Shine n' Guard® protects, beautifies and restores tires, vinyl, rubber and leather.


  • Shine n' Guard® offers excellent gloss for tires and affords superior protection for vinyl, rubber and leather.
  • The outstanding cherry fragrance is pleasing for the user and also aids in deodorization of automotive interiors.
  • A thick, water-based, high-gloss dressing.
  • Versatile – can be diluted for economy or used undiluted for maximum protection.

Available Sizes:

#51101 - 1 pint w/sprayer
#51102 - 1 quart w/sprayer
#51103 - 1 gallon
#51105 - 5 gallon
#51106 - 55 gallon