Vinyl & Rubber Dressing

Vinyl & Rubber  Dressing

Part# 5115

Protects, Beautifies, & Restores



MOC® Vinyl & Rubber Dressing (#5115) is a universal, water-based, silicone dressing. This product has a clean, fresh scent and is white in color. Vinyl & Rubber Dressing beautifies and restores tires, vinyl, rubber and leather to a satin finish.


  • The most economical water-based rubber, vinyl, plastic and leather dressing.


  • Tires: Spray Vinyl & Rubber Dressing evenly on a clean, dry tire. For best shine, do not wipe. Allow to dry thoroughly, or until product changes from a white, milky look to a black, shining surface.
  • Interiors: Wipe on Vinyl & Rubber Dressing with a clean cloth. Allow to dry, and wipe off excess.
  • Warning: As a tire dressing, excess product should be wiped from surface to prevent "sling", which can stain some painted-plastic surfaces.

Available Sizes:

#51153 - 1 gallon
#51155 - 5 gallon
#51156 - 55 gallon