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Clean Tabs™

Part# 61121

Concentrated Windshield Washer Tablets

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MOC® Clean Tabs™ (#61121) are concentrated windshield washer tablets that quickly dissolve in water to form windshield washer fluid that offers excellent detergency, controlled foam and a deep blue color. Once diluted, this fluid quickly dissolves dirt, grime, road film, and bug-matter while leaving the windshield bright and streak-free. It contains no alcohol or solvents and is compatible with paint or rubber surfaces of a vehicle.

Note: This product is not resistant to freezing in diluted form and is not intended for use in colder climates.

Outstanding Features:

  • Economical – One tablet makes 1 gallon of fluid.
  • Zero V.O.C formula (when added to water only).
  • Effervescent formula dissolves quickly and completely.
  • Designed not to build up in vehicle lines and spray tips.
  • Saves money on shipping and space in storage or on shelves.
  • Contains no solvents or alcohol.
  • Offers more accurate inventory control than bulk or drums of fluid.