Windshield-Washer Concentrate

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Windshield-Washer Concentrate

Part# 61131

Leaves Windshields Sparkling Clean

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MOC® Windshield Washer Concentrate (#61131) is specially formulated to: (1) quickly dissolve dirt, grime, road film, and bug-matter; and (2) leave the windshield bright and shiny-clean without any streaks. It is designed not harm the paint, metal or rubber surfaces of a vehicle. Not intended for applications in which freeze-resistant is required.

Outstanding Features:

  • Fast Acting – Quickly dissolves dirt, grime, road film and bug-matter.
  • Leaves Windshield Bright & Clean – Formulated to prevent streaking.
  • Economical – One bottle can be diluted to fill most windshield washer reservoirs.
  • Low V.O.C. at diluted strength.