All Season Washer Solvent

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All Season Washer Solvent

Part# 61141

Concentrated No-Freeze Formula That Removes Bugs, Dirt & Road Film

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MOC®'s All-Season Washer Solvent™ (#61141) quickly removes road film, mud and bugs from the windshield. It leaves no streaks or smears and will not harm car finish, paint, metal or rubber. All-Season Washer Solvent™ is designed to protect against the freezing and cracking of washer fluid lines and reservoirs. This product protects to below zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Outstanding Features:

  • Dissolves road film, dirt and bugs.
  • Leaves windshields bright & shiny-clean.
  • Protects to below zero (0°F).
  • Prevents reservoirs and washer-fluid lines from freezing and breaking.
  • Will not harm car finishes, paint, metal or rubber.