Extractor Shampoo Liquid

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Extractor Shampoo Liquid

Part# 9956

A Versatile Cleaner For Carpet & Upholstery



MOC®'s Extractor Shampoo Liquid (#9956) is a blue liquid cleaner with a fresh lemon scent. Extractor Shampoo Liquid is a versatile concentrated shampoo that is excellent for use in carpet extractor machines, as a prespot cleaner and as an all-around interior cleaner. It effectively cleans carpet, upholstery, vinyl, leather and plastic.


  • Versatile – Multiple Uses.
  • Highly Concentrated – Economical.
  • Cleans Heavily Soiled surfaces with ease.
  • Dries without leaving a residue.
  • Helps remove and prevent musty odors.

Available Sizes:

#99563 - 1 gallon
#99566 - 55 gallon