EDR-3 Fuel Service Machine

EDR-3 machine
EDR-3 fuel machine
EDR image
EDR image
EDR-3 Fuel Service Machine

Part# 73400

Enhanced Deposit Removal Fuel Machine


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The Patented MOC®'s EDR-3 Fuel Service Machine is the first devise that truly monitors the engine and automatically adjusts product application for a technician to help avoid damage and maximize cleaning results.


  •  Advanced Safety & Vehicle Monitoring System
  •  Enhanced Deposit Removal (EDR) Technology
  •  Versatile, Universal Design
  •  Ability to Read and Clear Trouble Codes After The Service
  •  Custom Adapters
  •  One Machine Can Perform:
    • GDI Service
    • Intake / Induction Service
    • Fuel Rail / Injector Service
    • Diesel EGR Service