Synthetic Oil Dispensing Machine

Oil dispenser square machine
Synthetic Oil Dispensing Machine

Part# 96480

Highly-Accurate, Digitally-Metered Oil Dispensing Machine

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MOC® Synthetic Oil Dispensing Machine offers mobility, ease of use, and automation. It utilizes a highly-accurate, digitally-metered dispensing handle. This handle is designed to manage oil use, reduce oil waste and in turn, save money. To use, simply connect shop air to one of two supply containers the machine can carry, and you’re ready to go.


  • Air-operated, high flow, single-pump design.
  • 10-gallon capacity— can hold two different 5-gallon containers and grades of oil.
  • System purges to prevent cross contamination.
  • Increase accurate high-flow, digitally-metered control handle.
  • Sturdy molded chassis-no rust, dents or chipping.