Smart Tech™ Engine-Flush

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Smart Tech™ Engine-Flush

Part# 96560

Complete Engine-Flush.


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MOC® Smart Tech™ Engine-Flush machine allows a technician to completely flush the internal lubrication system of the engine.


  • The MOC® SMART TECH™ Engine-Flush Service is completed in just 10 minutes.
  • Fully-automatic operation once connections are made.
  • Includes a quick-disconnect standard adapter system.
  • Custom touch-screen display with self-diagnostics and user  prompts.
  • The MOC® SMART TECH™ Engine-Flush Service back-flushes the oil pump pickup screen.
  • Utilizes a fluid-flow meter system that eliminates the possibility of engine overfills.
  • A high-flow, dual-pump system utilizes both pressure & suction.
  • Sturdy molded chassis—no rust, dents or chipping.