Pure Brake® Fluid Exchanger

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Pure Brake<sup>®</sup> Fluid Exchanger

Part# 98000

Perform A Complete Brake-Fluid Exchanger


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The Patented MOC® PURE BRAKE® Fluid Exchanger allows a single technician to perform a complete brake-fluid exchange & bleed service on most vehicles in less than ten minutes. The patented design of the MOC® Pure Brake® Exchanger offers many features that saves time, provides a more complete service and helps avoid misuse or messy cleanups associated with traditional equipment.


  •  Advanced Computer-Controlled System
  •  Helpful Safety Features
  •  Flexibility of Three Operating Modes
  •  Complete Set of One-Piece Adaptors That Require No Assembly Before Use.
  •  Removable 5-Gallon Used-Fluid Tank.
U.S. Patent No. 6,206,055