Pure Brake® Basic Fluid Exchanger

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Pure Brake<sup>®</sup> Basic Fluid Exchanger

Part# 98060

Perform A Basic Brake-Fluid Exchanger


The Patented Design of the MOC® PURE BRAKE® Basic Brake-Fluid Exchanger offers many features that save time, provide a more complete service and help avoid misuse or messy cleanups associated with traditional equipment. Adaptors not included..


  • An adjustable pressure regulator (0-50 psi that allows servicing of higher pressure systems.
  • Large face pressure gauge.
  • Operates via 12-volts supplied by the vehicle’s battery.
  • Utilizes a removable 5 gallon waste container.
  • Simple operation via centrally located switches.
  • A single bleeder hose allows a technician to control the pace of the service.
  • A pressure relief valve that evacuates excess pressure after the service is complete. Sturdy molded plastic chassis.
U.S. Patent No. 6,206,055