Extreme-Pressure Lubricant

Extreme-Pressure Lubricant product image
Extreme-Pressure Lubricant

Part# 01141

Improves Thermal Stability Of the Fluid


MOC® Extreme-Pressure Lubricant (#01141) is a multi-use concentrate designed to improve lubricant film thickness and reduce wear on gear surfaces that experience frictional conditions. This product is designed for use in all types of manual automotive transmissions, gear boxes, and differentials. Extreme-Pressure Lubricant helps to smooth shifting, reduce wear and noise, and improve thermal stability. Ideal as an assembly lubricant. This product is recommended to be used with MOC® Gear Guard™ #0148 gear oil.

Outstanding Features:

  • Concentrated anti-wear formula.
  • Contains corrosion and oxidation inhibitors.
  • Improves gear oil's anti-scoring capabilities.
  • Helps reduce bearing and gear noises.
  • Easy-to-use squeeze bottle with spout.
  • Helps extend service life and cut maintenance costs.
  • Compatible with all grades of gear oil.

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