Mega Blue™ (Not For Sale in CA)

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Mega Blue™ (Not For Sale in CA)

Part# 5108

Durable, High-Shine Dressing For Tires, Trim & Molding

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MOC® Mega Blue™ (#5108) is an all-purpose, solvent-based dressing for hard-surface materials such as vehicles vinyl, leather, upholstery trim, landau tops and tires. Mega Blue™ light-blue in color, with a pleasant watermelon scent. A "true" universal solvent-based dressing for exterior and interior use.


  • Mega Blue™ imparts an ultra-high-gloss to tires, as well as protecting and beautifying vinyl and other nonporous surfaces.
  • This product leaves a very durable and water-repellent surface, as well as deodorizing interior with its pleasant watermelon aroma.

Available Sizes:

#51083 - 1 gallon
#51085 - 5 gallon
#51086 - 55 gallon