Multi-Vehicle Synthetic CVT Fluid

Multi-Vehicle Synthetic CVT Fluid product image
Multi-Vehicle Synthetic CVT Fluid

Part# 04172

For All CVT Systems


MOC®’s Multi-vehicle Synthetic CVT Fluid (#04172) contains a premium blend of additives to ensure superior component protection and enhanced service reliability. In order to meet the performance needs of a wide variety of CVT systems, this product has been specially designed to provide optimal metal-to-metal friction, anti-shudder durability and shear stability. It protects against wear and is fortified to provide unsurpassed oxidation stability. It meets or exceeds the performance criteria for a wide range of CVT fluids and is designed for use in Honda®, Nissan®, Toyota®, Chrysler/Dodge®, Jeep®, Lexus®, Mercedes-Benz®, Mitsubishi®, BMW®, Saturn®, Subaru® and more! This product may be used in both chain and belt-type CVT. It is not recommended for use in standard automatic transmissions or as a replacement for ATF. Multi-Vehicle Synthetic CVT Fluid is suitable for use in the following applications:

Outstanding Features:

  • Fully-synthetic formula, not a synthetic blend.
  • Highly resistant to shearing, oxidation and thermal breakdown.
  • Provides excellent flow properties at low temperatures and film protection at high temperatures.
  • Outstanding anti-wear properties to protect transmission parts.
  • Inventory optimization – Can eliminate the need to stock different types/brands of fluid.
  • Meets the friction and anti-shutter requirements of both belt and chain type CVT.

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