Premium Synthetic ATF-LV

Premium Synthetic ATF-LV machine image
Premium Synthetic ATF-LV

Part# 04133(1gal), #04134(3gal)

Fully Synthetic, Premium ATF Low-Viscosity Formula


MOC® Premium Synthetic ATF-LV (#04133) is special blend of fully-synthetic base oils combined with a multi-functional additive system that provides superior anti-wear protection and performance in virtually all types of passenger and commercial automatic transmissions that require newer "low-viscosity" fluid. It offers excellent high & low temperature fluidity, shear stability, seal protection and oxidation resistance. This premium formula may be used in place of synthetic fluids required or specified by a wide range of OEMs, including those used for extended drain and severe duty intervals. This product is designed to be used in conjunction with the MOC® ATF Fluid Exchanger #94500 and ATF Cleaner/Supplement Kit #01941.

Outstanding Features:

  • Fully-synthetic, low-viscosity formula; not a synthetic blend.
  • Highly resistant to shearing, oxidation and thermal breakdown.
  • Provides excellent flow properties at low temperatures and film protection at high temperatures.
  • Outstanding anti-wear properties to protect transmission parts.
  • Optimizes Inventory by eliminating the need to stock different types/brands of ATF.
  • Conditions seals and helps prevent leaks.
Premium Synthetic ATF-LV is suitable for use in the following applications:

  • Aisin Warner AW-1
  • Audi G-0555 055 (A2)
  • BMW P/N 83 22 0 142 515, M-1375.4
  • Chrysler P/N 05127382AA
  • Chrysler P/N 68043742AA [DEX VI]
  • Ford P/N XT-6-SP [Merc SP]
  • Ford P/N XT-10-LV [LV]
  • Fuchs ATF 3353
  • Honda DW-1
  • Hyundai M-1375.5, NWS 9638, SP-IV
  • Jaguar ATF M-1375.4
  • KIA ATF M-1375.4, Red-1, SP-111 & IV
  • Mazda FZ
  • Mercedes 236.12, 236.14, 236.15, 236.41
  • Mitsubishi J-3
  • Nissan Matic-S
  • Porsche P/N 000 043 304 00
  • Saab P/N 93 164 147 [AW-1]
  • Shell ATF 134
  • Shell ATF 3353
  • Shell LA-2364
  • Shell M-1375.4
  • Toyota Type WS (Hybrid)
  • Toyota Type WS (JWS 3324)
  • VW P/N G 055 005/A2

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