1 – Restore™

Combustion Chamber Cleaner
1 – Restore™

Part# 04331

Combustion Chamber Cleaner

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Formulated to quickly dissolve heavy fuel deposits on injector tips, pistons and other combustion chamber surfaces in Gasoline Direct Inject (GDI) and other High-Output engines. Restore's powerful Solvent blend can improve engine performance, reduce exhaust emissions and restore power. When used in conjunction with the EDR-3 Fuel Service Machine, Restore will not harm oxygen sensors or catalytic converters when used as directed.

Outstanding Features:

  • Rapidly removes stubborn carbon deposits in GDI engines.
  • Just one service can restore power & performance.
  • Can improve fuel economy & lower harmful emissions.
  • Compatible with catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, and other fuel system components.

Available Size:

#04311 - 16 oz.

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