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Fuel-Injector Flush

Part# 01121 (12 oz)

Contains powerful solvents and detergents that clean fuel injectors by removing harmful deposits that restrict fuel flow. It restores the spray pattern of the injector.  Will not harm fuel system components such as gaskets, hoses and o-rings, rubber components, and seals.

Key Features:

Chemically cleans injectors on the engine, avoiding the need for disassembly.

Does not have to be mixed with fuel.

Helps improve drivability.

Will not harm oxygen sensors or catalytic converters when used as directed.

Available Kit(s) : 

#01741 – Decarb Flush Kit  #01911 – EFI / Induction Service  #01931 – Induction Service Kit

#02591 – Premium Air-Intake & Injector Service  |  #02661 – Premium Fuel Service  |  #02671 – Basic Fuel Service

#03381 – Premium EFI Kit  |  #03521 – EFI Optimizer Kit  |  #05651 – Basic Induction & Injector Kit

Additional Information :    Product Performance Sheet   |   Safety Data Sheet


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