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HEV Performance Kit

Part # 05951 (3 – 10 oz bottles)


Specially formulated so hybrid electric vehicles can perform at their very best.  Its unique engine cleaner, treatment, and fuel tank additive remove unwanted deposits from the engine and fuel system. As a result, can restore power, improve performance, and boost fuel efficiency. In other words, a smaller carbon footprint for your eco-friendly friend.

REVIVE™ – Internal Engine Cleaner (10 oz. bottle)
  • Removes harmful engine deposits.
  • Restores lost horsepower.
  • Reduces oil consumption
DEFEND™- Internal Engine Protection (10 oz. bottle)
  • Reduces friction and premature wear
  • Added protection between extended oil changes
  • Prevents new oil deposits from forming on engine parts
BOOST™- Enhanced Fuel Stabilizer & Cleaner (10 oz. bottle)
  • Removes stubborn combustion chamber deposits
  • Protects and keeps fuel fresh for an extended period
  • Boosts performance and fuel efficiency


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