Synthetic DCT & DSG Fluid

Synthetic DCT Fluid prduct image
Synthetic DCT & DSG Fluid

Part# 04261

Universal Formula For DCT & DSG Systems


MOC®'s Synthetic DCT Fluid (#04261) is specially formulated for maximum shear stability, oxidation resistance and wear prevention while maintaining essential frictional properties for bearings, synchronizers and wet clutches. This fluid meets or exceeds the performance criteria for a wide range of DCT and DSG systems used in Audi®, BMW®, Mercedes-Benz® and more!


  • Fully-synthetic, PAO-based formula; not a synthetic blend.
  • Highly resistant to shear, oxidation and thermal breakdown.
  • Provides excellent flow properties at low temperatures and film protection at high temperatures.
  • Outstanding anti-wear properties to protect transmission parts.