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Tech Grade Power-Steering Fluid

Part # 06181 (64 oz)

A fortified power steering fluid blend that is used in conjunction with a MOC® Power Steering Fluid Exchanger. The formulation utilizes a high-quality base fluid which ensures increased oxidation stability and outstanding low-temperature performance. The formula is suitable for use in place of O.E.M. power-steering fluids in Honda®/Acura®, Ford®, GM®, Chrysler®, and most vehicles.

Key Features:

Reduces friction and heat that can wear out the pump, valves, and gears.

Conditions seals and hoses to help prevent cracks and leaks.

Extends system life by reducing wear on internal components.

Reduces squeals and chatter due to foaming.

Available Kit(s) :

#03771 – Tech Grade Power Steering Service Kit

Additional Information :    Product Performance Sheet   |   Safety Data Sheet


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