3 Ways to Keep Automotive Dealership
Employees and Customers Safe During COVID-19

Safety in dealerships and service centers has always been a priority, but today it is more important than ever. Unfortunately, there isn’t one magic action that dealerships can take to guarantee protection against illness. Many PPE experts, such as Dupont and the CDC have determined that layering protective solutions is the most effective approach.

The MOC Products team is committed to bringing the best possible solutions to the automotive industry. Using these three protective products together creates an effective solution for dealerships: 

Adhesive Protective Film

Temporary protective film protects high touch areas of vehicles such as handles, shifters, and window controls. Apply the film during the service write up process to protect both customers and employees.

The blue perforated sheets easily dispense and tear off from the roll without a stand or special tool. Each roll contains 1000 individual sheets. The protective film can be safely applied to multiple vehicle surfaces and removed without leaving any sticky residue. As an added bonus, the film will also protect covered surfaces from UV damage for up to 60 days.

Emist Electrostatic Sprayer

Basic plastic spray bottles simply won’t handle the level of sanitizing that is required. Emist electrostatic application technology efficiently and effectively applies EPA-approved disinfectants to exposed touch point surfaces. The patented technology uses electrostatic induction charging to positively charge droplets of disinfectant allowing for uniform coverage. Emist allows for quick and easy disinfecting of dealership showrooms, break rooms, and even inside of vehicles. It allows for more coverage, less waste, and better results. When used in conjunction with Ecolab disinfectant, your dealership will be the cleanest and safest it has ever been.

Ecolab EPA-Certified Disinfectant


Not all disinfectant solutions are approved by the EPA or demonstrate effectiveness against viruses similar to COVID-19. Ecolab’s disinfectant checks both of those boxes. Plus, it naturally deodorizes, disinfects, and cleans in one labor-saving step. The disinfectant is a concentrated, no-rinse solution that is effective against viruses, bacteria, and micro-organisms, making it perfect for sanitizing dealership high-touch, high-traffic areas. Check your current cleaning solutions. Chances are, they do not meet the rigorous standards of today’s COVID-19 environment. Ecolab disinfectant can be most effectively dispensed using Emist electrostatic sprayer.

This triple layer of protection- adhesive protective film, Emist technology, and Ecolab disinfectant, ensures that your employees and customers remain safe and healthy.

For more information, reach out to MOC Products at (818) 794-3585

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