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Product Knowledge

Product Knowledge

Product Knowledge

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is one of the most valuable things in the world. It’s the one thing that no one, no matter who they are, can ever take away from you.

Educating yourself on the benefits of preventive maintenance and the science behind automotive fluids gives you the confidence to handle objections and the ability to respond with knowledgeable rebuttals. This helps build rapport and is a simple way to gain trust with your customer resulting in a more relaxed atmosphere. Customers are typically much more responsive and willing to listen to your intended message when they feel comfortable. Remember, you’re providing a service, not selling a product.

Understanding Preventative Maintenance

The first step to appropriately maintain a vehicle is to understand how it works and what kind of care it needs, when it needs it and why it needs to be done. Good maintenance can also help avoid costly repairs down the road. Educating your customers on the benefits of preventative maintenance can help to develop trust and loyalty.

The Science Behind Fluids
Essential Vehicle Fluids and Benefits :

Engine Oil – Lubricates Internal Components


Antifreeze/Coolant  – Reduces Heat and Corrosion


Brake Fluid – Increases Performance and Safety


Transmission Fluid – Lubricates Moving Parts


Power Steering Fluid – Enhances Steering Performance


Differential Fluid – Reduces Heat and Friction


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