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5 Benefits of MOC Products Color-Coded Reconditioning Program

MOC Color Coded Labels

5 Benefits of MOC Products Color-Coded Reconditioning Program

If you’re a car detailer, auto body technician, or professional painter, you understand the importance of following OSHA requirements. One of their recommendations involves color-coding labels for hazardous chemicals to help identify them quickly. You also know that it can be difficult to keep track of what chemicals and cleaners are hazardous and which ones aren’t. Buying in bulk and then transferring to spray bottles and other containers complicates things. Even a simple mix-up can lead to an OSHA fine.

When choosing a product vendor, make sure they provide OSHA labeling with the appropriate color matching compliance. MOC Products developed the Color-Coded Reconditioning Program to make compliance easy for technicians. MOC Products’ color-coding labeling program is OSHA compliant, meeting the most current standards via ANSI Z535.

Five important benefits of relying on MOC Products’ color-coded systems are outlined below.

Compliance with OSHA Regulations

MOC Products’ color-coded system meets all of the rules and regulations set forth by OSHA. The colors are easily identifiable, making it possible to match them to a specific label or MSDS sheet. Repeated OSHA violations can result in fines of more than $100,000, making color-coded labels a simple way to protect profits.

Less Workplace Confusion

When any given product has multiple variations or color options, it’s not uncommon for technicians to get confused. Product labels can also become damaged over time and difficult to read. MOC Products’ system makes labeling products easy, reducing the possibility of confusion in the workplace.

More Efficient Staff

When technicians have to spend time looking up labels or deciphering product colors, it affects the speed at which they can complete tasks. It also creates frustration and slows down their learning curve. MOC Products’ color-coded labeling system enables technicians to find what they’re looking for quickly. This makes new hire training faster and easier. It also simplifies new product training.

Reduce Risk of Chemical Mix-Up

In the automotive industry, technicians use several different cleaners and chemicals. With so many products on hand, it’s easy to confuse products. One of the most common errors is mixing up two similar-looking aerosols or spray bottles. MOC Products’ color-coded labeling system reduces this risk by allowing technicians to make quick label color product identifications.

Improved Employee Safety

Employee safety is a top priority for automotive dealerships and shops. MOC Products’ color-coded labeling system reduces the risk of employee injury by clearly distinguishing between each product type. Product labels are printed with hazard warnings where needed and product-specific requirements for storage and disposal. This means that automotive technicians will always be able to access products quickly without missing any important safety or regulatory information.

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