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5 Ways for Auto Dealers to Make Inventory Stand Out

When times get tough, auto dealers get creative. Balancing profits with the buying experience is more important than ever. While auto dealers navigate the impact of COVID-19 on manufacturing slowdowns and consumer fear, it is essential to showcase inventory and create a buyer experience that will stand out from the crowd. 

Here are a few innovative ways that dealers can make inventory stand out:
Profit in the Options

Customers love transparent pricing. They also love options. Some dealers are finding the profit in the options with clever advertising. Showcase each option expressed in low monthly payments. For example, upgrading to those shiny 20-inch wheels will cost $65/month and the branded roof rack is only $23/month. When options are advertised in terms of how little they cost per month, customers can get excited about them.

Target Your Region

Dealerships located in big college football towns have an opportunity to appeal to the fans. Customize a few vehicles with leather seats complete with accents and pinstriping in the local college football team’s colors. Alumni and big local fans will jump at the opportunity to have these “limited edition” versions of their vehicle. 

Offer Complimentary Upgrades

Partner with your vendor to offer customers premium fuel services, oil changes, and other service upgrades for a limited time when they purchase the vehicle. Explain the value of the service upgrades in terms of the life of a well-maintained vehicle. Encourage them to continue with the treatments even after the complimentary period to add profit to the service side. 

Advertise Your Sanitization Processes

In the age of COVID-19, sparkling clean showrooms are important. Consumers want to feel safe in your dealership. Be transparent about how you have met the COVID-19 challenge with upgraded cleaning and safety measures. Are you using an EPA approved cleaning solution? If so, let customers know that. Are you using protective adhesive in every vehicle to make sure that COVID-19 isn’t transferred? Advertise that protective measure. When consumers feel safe, they are more comfortable buying. 

Offer Incentives to Current Customers

The best marketing is word of mouth marketing. When times get tough, the best way to bring in new buyers is through current customers. Create incentive programs for current customers, such as a free tank of gas, a car wash, or a premium service for every new buyer they bring through your door. These incentives will also bring the current customers back to your dealership, enticing them with the prospect of a new vehicle.

To push past challenging times and achieve groundbreaking results, be innovative. Focus on highlighting the unique qualities that your dealership offers and deliver the best possible service. Reach out to your vendor partners to help you develop programs and incentives.


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