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EDR-3: Revolutionizing Fuel Induction Services

EDR-3 Fuel Induction

EDR-3: Revolutionizing Fuel Induction Services

The average recommended timeframe for fuel induction services is every 15 to 30K miles. Typically, auto shops and dealerships that provide a full range of services are required to have two to three different machines or tools to handle a variety of vehicle types. With the MOC Products EDR-3, you only need one patented machine with our various custom adapters to achieve better cleaning results than what any competitor does with three separate machines. 

What is the EDR-3?

The EDR-3 is the first automated and interactive fuel service machine on the market that truly communicates with the vehicle, monitors the engine during service and automatically adjusts product application. 

One EDR-3 machine can perform:

  • Induction services
  • Fuel rail injector services
  • Diesel EGR services
  • Induction services for turbo-charged vehicles
  • Induction service on hybrid vehicles

EDR-3 monitors vehicle data such as catalytic converter temperature, RPMs, and other key operations to adjust product flow, spray pattern and pressure. The EDR-3 even has fail safes that stop the service prior to a stall or in the event of unsafe temperatures. One machine is all you need.

A series of proprietary adapters allow high-performance, turbo-charged vehicles to receive induction services. 

Recommended Chemicals

One machine using a trio of chemical products will clean valve deposits and combustion chamber deposits, including the exterior of the direct injector tips.


MOC Products has formulated a maximum strength GDI intake valve cleaner called DISSOLVE. It is a blend of concentrated detergents and aggressive solvents that attack deposits at the valves. 


MOC Products has solved the issue with ineffective rail and intake cleaners being used to clean the combustion chamber. We developed a powerful and dedicated chamber cleaner that is unique to MOC Products. Rail and intake cleaners fail to deliver detergents to chambers in a way that will remove more stubborn deposits. RESTORE contains less volatile carrier solvents that ensure that the nitrogen-based cleaning agents are delivered directly to chamber deposits. RESTORE soaks into deposits and dissolves them away.


The final treatment is a tank additive, which contains 50% more nitrogen-based detergents than the average top-tier additive. MOC Products has formulated ENHANCE to contain three nitrogen-based technologies as compared to our competitors, who use only one. Following the addition of the first two chemicals, deposits will continue to break down in the fuel system for 300-400 miles. The final step allows these deposits to continue to soften and dissolve while driving. 

The Process

The EDR-3 has undergone rigorous testing and multiple enhancements so that MOC Products is able to deliver the best possible machine to the market. 

To watch the EDR-3 in use, view this video:

The end result is astonishing.

Following the test drive, the ENHANCE continues to work to clean up stubborn fuel deposits in just one tankful to restore proper flow in the fuel system. 

To learn more about adding the EDR-3 to your auto shop, contact Louis Walker at 818.794.3585 or email at


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