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How Does Brite Headlight Restoration Work?

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How Does Brite Headlight Restoration Work?

If you have ever taken the time to wash and shine your vehicle, only to step back and notice dull and discolored headlights, you will love Brite Headlight Restoration by MOC Products. Intense UV rays from the sun along with rain, airborne contaminants, and road grime all eat away at the clear coating on the polycarbonate headlight lenses found on most vehicles. After a while, headlights will look oxidized and yellowed. Scheduling a Brite Headlight Restoration service with your local dealership can restore your headlights to like new.

Headlights Are An Important Safety Feature

When headlights become oxidized and yellowed, nighttime visibility both for you and other drivers on the road is limited. Half of all traffic deaths occur either in the dark or at dawn or dusk. Brighter, more visible headlights lead to fewer nighttime crashes. There are two ways that you can repair this safety issue. You can replace the entire headlight lens on your vehicle, which is costly. Or, you can follow the Brite Headlight Restoration process which results in the following benefits:

  • Increased headlight visibility
  • Enhanced vehicle appearance
  • Brightened yellow or cloudy headlights
  • Maintains functionality and performance
  • Extends factory headlamp assembly life

Brite Headlight Restoration Complete Kit Process 

First, lubricate the headlight lens using Body Gloss and use a 500-grit sanding disc to remove the yellowed UV coating. Next, continue to lubricate the lens surface with Body Gloss and buff out the light scratches with a 1000-grit sanding disc. Repeat this process again and buff with a 3000-grit sanding disc until the lens becomes opaque. Use an alcohol wipe to prep the headlight lens for the new UV coating. After shaking the MP Brite coating for 30 seconds, use an overlapping side-to-side motion to spray the coating until all areas are evenly covered. To allow the coating to cure, move the vehicle to a sunny location and allow the coating to dry for 10 minutes. 

If you are experiencing foggy or yellowed headlights on your vehicle, schedule Brite Headlight Restoration service with your local dealership to ensure the continued safety of your headlights and improve the appearance of your vehicle. If you are interested in offering Brite Headlight Restoration services in your dealership, contact your MOC Products Sales Manager for more info.


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