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How to Recondition Used Vehicles for Front Line

Recondition vehicles

How to Recondition Used Vehicles for Front Line

Across the US, headlines about the microchip and new car shortages flood automotive news. As dealerships scramble to stock their lots with inventory, properly reconditioning used vehicles for front-line display is more important than ever. Dealerships are navigating the effects of the pandemic by purchasing large quantities of used cars and taking in off-lease vehicles to recondition and fill their lots. 

Develop a Strict Used Car Vetting Process

Understand your region and which vehicles are in demand. Rule out vehicles that are unlikely to sell quickly. Many dealerships get stuck with vehicles that appeal to emotion, rather than numbers. It is smart to establish guidelines for used car buying to include:

  • Condition
  • Year
  • Mileage
  • Color

You know your dealership and what will sell- let that be your guide.

High-Quality Reconditioning

Once you have a supply of vehicles ready for reconditioning, how can your dealership perform a high-quality reconditioning worthy of front-line display without eating up too much profit? Not all dealerships have the equipment or full-time body shop employees to perform the needed paint and body repairs. Set your reconditioning process up for success with the right products and processes that can reduce cost and duration of repair.

MOC Products 2-Step Paint Restoration

A few products, one piece of equipment, and a couple of microfiber pads is all you need to restore used car paint to near perfect. 

Step One: Correction

This specially formulated MOC Products compound contains micro-abrasives and polishing agents to quickly remove scratches, oxidation, and defects. The product is specially formulated for use with DA Random-Orbital Polishers to create swirl-free results.

Step Two: Perfection5

This finishing product cleans, polishes, and protects painted surfaces leaving a durable, high-gloss finish. 

GLOSS. Restore rubber, plastic, and vinyl to a like-new appearance in seconds with GLOSS. The custom tip sprays a fine aerosol mist that coats trim pieces, window moldings, rubber coolant lines, and plastic engine covers. The spray blocks UV rays for added protection.


Talk to your MOC Products sales manager about ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your used car reconditioning processes. 


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