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How to Soundproof Your Vehicle for a Quiet Ride

Sound Proofing Your Vehicle

How to Soundproof Your Vehicle for a Quiet Ride

Most of us look to our cars as a place of peace and quiet. Whether we have a long commute or just a few errands to run, our cars give us a break from the hustle and bustle of the busy world. But, what if your car is noisy and far from peaceful? There are many ways to reduce noise levels in your vehicle.

What Type of Noise Does Your Vehicle Make?

The first step to soundproofing your vehicle is to determine what types of noise you are hearing.

External noises are sounds that your car is making on the outside. These are mostly mechanical noises like grinding gears, brake grinding, muffler issues, or engine noises. Most of these noises can be abated with a simple service.

  • Brake noise- A brake fluid exchange and brake service will almost always take care of brake noise.
  • Grinding gears- If you are experiencing grinding noises, bring your vehicle in for service and be sure to schedule regular driveline service.
  • Engine noise- Engine lubricants can break down over time and it is imperative that a vehicle’s engine be serviced regularly to prevent failure and excessive noise.
  • Tire noise- If your tires are not the recommended size or tread, you could experience whirring and excessive tire noise.

Internal noises are sounds that are only experienced by the passengers and driver of the vehicle. These include sounds like:

  • Road noise
  • Wind noise
  • Rattles or squeaking

Vehicle soundproofing is an effective way to eliminate these annoying internal sounds. It is important to first figure out the source of each sound so that you will understand how to solve it.

There are levels of soundproofing that may or may not be appropriate, depending on how serious you are about eliminating noise from your vehicle.

3 Ways to Soundproof Interior Vehicle Noise

There are many ways to combat sounds in your vehicle. Here are three common ways.

Replace Rubber Seals

Even the smallest gap will allow noise into your vehicle cabin. Replacing the rubber seals around your windows and doors is a great way to eliminate road noise. As your vehicle ages, these seals dry out and weather. They may have cracks and other deterioration that allows sound into the cabin.

Install Soundproof Car Mats

Soundproof car mats help to reduce noise that comes from tires and vibrations from the exhaust and engine systems. Soundproof mats absorb echoes and will also improve the sound quality of your audio system.

Spray Sound Deadener Foam

For hard to reach places that are allowing sound to penetrate the vehicle cabin, use spray foam designed to deaden sound. It is easy to use and very effective for filling tiny gaps. Foams will also absorb vibrations in the cabin.

There are many techniques to reduce road noise in your vehicle. Determine whether the noise is external or internal and follow these guidelines for solving your vehicle noise issues.


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