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Increase Your Automotive Service Center’s Revenue with Multi-Point Inspections

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Increase Your Automotive Service Center’s Revenue with Multi-Point Inspections

Consumers are skeptical. If they feel that they have been misled in the past, they are suspicious of things they do not understand. As automotive service center owners and operators, it makes perfect sense that vehicles require regular recommended manufacture maintenance. Those services usually add additional cost to the initial service repair. When customers do not understand the value of the service or repair the service advisor is recommending, they decline to have it completed. Unwittingly, they have added to the cost of the repair and increased their chances of larger cost repairs down the road all because they didn’t understand.

Video Is a Service Advisor’s Best Friend

Strong service advisors have earned the trust of their customers and can effectively explain the issue with the vehicle. Even the best service advisors come up short at times. A personalized video can help to bridge the gap with the most skeptical customers. Multi-point inspection videos appeal to customers who do not believe it until they see it and help service advisors better communicate the benefits of services and repairs. Dealerships and service centers that have adopted the use of multi-point inspection videos experience a noticeable increase in average service ticket value.


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What Should a Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection Video Include?

Videos are worth a thousand words. An effective multi-point service video should include a few key elements. Develop a template for your technicians to use so that your multi-point inspection video delivery is consistent.

Include the following:
● An introduction to the technician- this can be selfie-style and show them with the actual vehicle
● A walkaround of the vehicle
● Start with the positive- is the tire tread excellent, the paint well-maintained, etc.
● Address the original concern with the customer first – this builds immediate trust
● Next, detail the most urgent repairs needed and show the issue
● Continue with maintenance items and let them know that it is good to get in front of them before they cause a genuine issue.
● End by thanking them for their business and the confidence they placed in you.
Customers appreciate that they can forward the video to their partner before deciding or even getting a second opinion. If your service center is looking for new ways to build consumer trust and increase repair revenue, adding multi-point inspection videos is a great option.


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