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Guide to Electric Vehicle Maintenance Solutions

If your dealership or shop services hybrid electric or electric vehicles, educating your customers and setting them up with an appropriate maintenance schedule is essential. Since hybrid electric vehicles have combustion engines, maintenance requirements are similar to conventional vehicles with […]

How Does Brite Headlight Restoration Work?

If you have ever taken the time to wash and shine your vehicle, only to step back and notice dull and discolored headlights, you will love Brite Headlight Restoration by MOC Products. Intense UV rays from the sun along with […]

What Is MOC Virtual Training?

Ongoing “Live” instructor-led professional training is paramount to the success of any automotive business. MOC Virtual Training is an innovative curriculum focused on improving service personnel productivity and efficiency to enhance every customer experience. The online education program will ensure […]

Increase Your Automotive Service Center’s Revenue with Multi-Point Inspections

Consumers are skeptical. If they feel that they have been misled in the past, they are suspicious of things they do not understand. As automotive service center owners and operators, it makes perfect sense that vehicles require regular recommended manufacture […]

Make Your A/C Colder in the Summer Months

As spring and summer approach and the temperatures rise, you rely on your A/C to keep you comfortable. What should you do if your vehicle’s AC is not keeping up with the soaring outdoor temperatures? Your vehicle’s air conditioning consists […]

How to Recondition Used Vehicles for Front Line

Across the US, headlines about the microchip and new car shortages flood automotive news. As dealerships scramble to stock their lots with inventory, properly reconditioning used vehicles for front-line display is more important than ever. Dealerships are navigating the effects […]

How to Address Vehicle Micro Scratches

Car washing and detailing is a popular sunny day pastime for vehicle owners. Everyone loves a super shiny luxury car cruising down the road. If you aren’t careful about which car wash you use and how your vehicle is cleaned, […]

The Life Cycle of a New MOC Products Machine Adapter

There are lots of automotive product vendors out there. One of the reasons why MOC Products has been an industry leader since 1974 is our drive to be innovative. Our patented adapters are an important way that we differentiate ourselves […]

OE’s Extend Vehicle Service Intervals: Big Concerns for Consumers and Service Centers

Over the past few years, automotive manufacturers have seemingly been engaged in a competition for which vehicles require the least possible maintenance. Vehicle manufacturers have incorporated “10,000 mile oil change” and other “lifetime fluids” into their marketing collateral to attract […]

The Importance of Auto Climate Control Servicing

Most vehicle owners take their climate control systems for granted. They turn it on when they get in the vehicle, and turn it off once they exit. As long as the air conditioning or heat continues to blow, vehicle owners […]


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