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Guide to Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance

There is a common misconception held by hybrid vehicle owners that their vehicles are low maintenance. Firstly, low maintenance vehicles do not really exist. On the spectrum of low to high maintenance vehicles, hybrid vehicles are on the higher end. Many hybrid vehicle owners are surprised to learn that their vehicles require regular maintenance, including oil changes. 

Types of Hybrid Vehicles

Simply stated, hybrid vehicles use a conventional engine and an electric motor. However, there are three main types of hybrid vehicles produced. 

Parallel Hybrid

This is the hybrid vehicle with which people are most familiar. The parallel hybrid vehicle is best for stop and go city driving, as they use the electric motor at lower speeds. These hybrids are powered in three ways:

  • Electric motor only
  • Gas engine only
  • Engine and motor in tandem

Range Extender Hybrid Vehicle

For long-range driving, the range-extended hybrid vehicle is the best choice. Powered entirely by the electric motor, the gas engine delivers electricity to a generator that continuously charges the batteries. As a result, the battery capacity is much higher on this type of hybrid vehicle. 

Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle

The middle ground between the other two types of hybrid vehicles. Plug-in hybrids have larger battery packs allowing them to drive longer distances on electric power. With frequent recharging at charging stations, you will not require fuel. 

Hybrid’s Require Regular Maintenance

Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) are more fuel-efficient because of their electric motor components, but they also require additional maintenance for everything to run smoothly. 

During normal operation, a typical HEV engine will start and stop more frequently than a regular gasoline engine. This repeated action over thousands of miles between services can breakdown the fluid and cause additives in the oil to wear out faster. When these additives are depleted, carbon, sludge, and other deposits can build up in oil passages and embed on piston rings.

To make matters worse, small, high-output HEV engines are extremely sensitive to fuel deposits that build up on fuel injectors, intake ports, intake valves and in combustion chambers. Even small amounts of deposits can cause increased exhaust emissions, reduced fuel economy, and drivability problems.

MOC’s HEV Performance Kit is specially formulated to give hybrids the special attention they need to perform at their best. It’s unique engine cleaner, treatment and fuel system additive remove unwanted deposits from the engine and fuel system while helping to restore fuel economy, power, and lower harmful emissions.


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