Fast Gloss™ (Not For Sale in CA)

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Fast Gloss™ (Not For Sale in CA)

Part# 5102

High Gloss Dressing For Tires & Exterior Trim


MOC® Fast Gloss™ (#5102) is a fast-drying, solvent-based, silicone tire dressing. Fast Gloss™ leaves a glossy protection on tires and exterior trim. It is crystal-clear and has a solvent odor. This product is not recommended for interior use due to its volatile and slippery properties.


  • Leaves a glossy, water-resistant coating on tires & exterior  trim.
  • Quick-dry formula reduces runs and product “sling.”
  • Restores faded rubber and protects against UV damage.

Available Sizes:

#51021 - 1 pint w/sprayer
#51022 - 1 quart w/sprayer
#51023 - 1 gallon
#51025 - 5 gallon
#51026 - 55 gallon