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The Superior Way to Wash a Vehicle

Vehicle Appearance

The Superior Way to Wash a Vehicle

Is your dealership or service center looking for a more efficient way to wash vehicles? Washing a vehicle to achieve a shiny clean without damaging painted surfaces involves much more than a bucket and sponge. For an exterior detail that is quick and easy and also leaves your customers thrilled, we recommend these steps and products.

Steps for Washing a Vehicle

how to wash a car

Detailing professionals agree there is a proper way to wash the exterior of a vehicle. We recommend using products and methods that reduce contact with the painted surface to minimize the risk of scratching.

Wheels and Tires

The first step is to treat the wheels and tires. Lots of grime and brake dust can build up in this area and it is best to allow them to soak for a while. We recommend using MP CLING. MP CLING is a powerful, acid-free tire and wheel cleaner designed to “cling” to both horizontal and vertical surfaces without dripping. CLING dissolves road grime and brake dust without scrubbing. It is safe for all wheel types and restores them to a brilliant shine.

Apply Cleaner with a Foam Gun

Foam cannon attachments are a touchless method of applying a thick layer of soapy foam over the vehicle to minimize the need for scrubbing. Using air-injection technology, the foam cannon distributes a thick foam that penetrates and lifts dirt in small cracks and corners. Vehicle shampoo is combined with oxygen to create a clinging, high-powered cleaning foam perfect for removing heavy road grime.

We recommend using Pink Car Shampoo for a long-lasting foam that will clean without contact. The dense foaming formula rinses without streaking and removes dirt and grime without scratching the painted surface.

If the vehicle is excessively dirty, give it a quick scrub with our bug sponge or wash mit. Rinse the vehicle and use a drying cloth for the perfect finish.

Clean the Windows

Using Tru-Eco GLASS, wipe down the windows. GLASS removes dirt, grime, smoke film, and fingerprints from windows and mirrors. The end result is a crystal clean and streak-free window.

The Finishing Touches

Restore the shine back to rubber, plastic, and vinyl vehicle parts in seconds using GLOSS. The custom applicator tip effectively sprays a fine mist to coat narrow trim pieces and moldings. GLOSS contains a UV blocking agent to repel harmful sun rays that can cause rubber and plastic pieces to degrade over time.

Apply High-Shine Dressing, a concentrated silicone water-based protectant, to tires for a sheen your customers expect. This product offers the highest gloss of any water-based dressings.

For more information about any of MOC Products exterior detailing products, contact your salesperson or call us at (818) 794-3500.


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