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The Automotive Industry Stepped Up to Fight COVID-19

No one expected something like COVID-19 to happen. The devastating virus took the whole world by surprise and adversely affected nearly every industry. Rather than cave under the immense pressure caused by shutdowns, sick employees and customers, and rigorous new health standards, the automotive industry stepped up to improve the situation for everyone.


Over the past six months, many changes have been made to navigate these unprecedented times. Employees have taken on new roles, systems have been adjusted, and manufacturing has shifted. The automotive industry has been navigating supply shortages, manufacturing shutdowns, and halts in consumer buying habits. There are many notable ways that the automotive industry switched gears to contribute to combatting COVID-19.

Here are a few examples:

  • Manufacturers, like Honda and Volkswagen, quickly created dies to manufacture face shields, medical grade masks, and other PPE.
  • Ford executives and employees stepped up to coordinate with White House officials to focus on protecting health care workers on the front line. Ford employees partnered with 3M to ramp up the production of protective equipment for doctors and nurses. The partnership resulted in the building of tens of thousands of ventilators and billions of face shields and masks.
  • Honda used 3D printers to create faceshield frames. As COVID-19 continued to spread, they doubled down to create custom dies in record times to meet PPE needs. Honda has built nearly 173,000 face shields delivered to medical facilities across the country.
  • Volkswagen rushed to help by offering financial backing to PPE production and working with suppliers to shift manufacturing efforts. They also produced their own masks for their plants and dealerships so as to not take from the supply that was being directed to the front line workers.


Automotive manufacturers are readying for the second wave of COVID-19 and are available to switch to PPE production at a moment’s notice. Vendors for automotive dealers, like MOC Products, have changed gears as well to ensure that dealerships have the necessary PPE to continue doing business during this “new normal.”

Here are a few ways that MOC Products has stepped up to help the automotive industry stay safe:

  • Partnerships have been arranged to supply dealerships with the latest in technology, ensuring that dealerships and vehicles are properly sanitized.
  • Procurement of protective adhesive products and steering wheel covers has been secured for dealerships.
  • Distribution of a sanitizer approved by the EPA to be effective on coronavirus is underway.

If your dealership is looking to work with a vendor that is committed to helping you and your employees stay safe during the pandemic, contact MOC Products.


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