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The Importance of Auto Climate Control Servicing

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The Importance of Auto Climate Control Servicing

Most vehicle owners take their climate control systems for granted. They turn it on when they get in the vehicle, and turn it off once they exit. As long as the air conditioning or heat continues to blow, vehicle owners don’t think to service their climate control system. As much of North America readies for colder weather, now is a great time to encourage customers to service their climate control system.

Why Service Vehicle Climate Control Systems?

There are several reasons for vehicle owners to service their vehicle’s climate control system on a regular basis.

Respiratory Health

Anyone who drives their vehicle on a regular basis could be jeopardizing their respiratory health when they neglect their climate control system.  During normal driving, mold spores, mildew and bacteria can enter the air intakes of a vehicle’s system.  The dark, damp environment is perfect for these contaminants to grow over time. When the air conditioning and heating systems are not serviced, vehicle owners can breathe in harmful spores, bacteria, and dust. A recent study that tested a random sample of vehicles for fungal growth found that 100% of vehicles contained fungal spores in the air. MOC Products Evaporator Core Cleaner is a specially formulated foam that removes the buildup of contaminants from the internal surfaces of climate control systems, helping to prevent spores, dust, and other allergens from circulating in the vehicle cabin.

Vehicle Odor

If a vehicle still smells dirty and musty, even after it has been detailed, the climate control system needs attention.  If the system has not been serviced for an extended period, then it needs immediate cleaning to remove any excess odor-causing grime. If this is neglected, the odor will only worsen and the vehicle owner could end up requiring parts replacement in order to solve the problem. MOC Products Odor-B-Gone Fogger encapsulates and neutralizes odors that form in the evaporator core, systems housings, and interior surfaces. Odor-B-Gone is an important part of every vehicle climate control system servicing.

Preventative Maintenance

When vehicle owners neglect their climate control system, more serious issues can arise. Regular servicing allows service technicians to add MOC Products A/C Quiet MAX to climate control systems. This universal lubricant is designed to minimize compressor wear and reduce energy consumption and noise. This additive can prevent costly repairs when added regularly.

Encourage Customers to Service Their Climate Control Systems

Every time a customer comes into the shop, the climate control system should be addressed. Approach the vehicle owner with the following questions and concerns:

  • Have you noticed a musty smell in your vehicle?
  • Do you suffer from seasonal allergies?
  • When was the last time your AC was serviced?
  • Have you noticed unusual noises coming from your cooling or heating?

Vehicle owners won’t request climate control servicing if they don’t think there is an issue. Asking these questions can lead to educating the customer about the importance of maintaining healthy cabin air.


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