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The Importance of Training Every Department of Your Dealership

Dealer Training

The Importance of Training Every Department of Your Dealership

Many dealerships fail to provide ongoing training to each department because of time or budget constraints. Training is sidelined because it takes time away from meeting sales quotas and improving margins. Dealerships who prioritize training their departments understand that required training improves virtually every measurable at their dealerships and is imperative for long-term growth.

Why Is Dealership Training Important?

Changes within the automotive industry are happening quickly and it is important to keep up. Training staff in every department of your dealership is important for several reasons:

  • Retaining your employees and offering growth is much more effective than continuously hiring new staff.
  • Government regulations change, requiring dealership staff to adhere.
  • Technological advances are happening quickly and your dealership must train to stay on top.
  • Customers are more savvy than ever and do not respond to old sales techniques.
  • When sales and service staff understand the product offering, they are more equipped to sell.

Every department can benefit from ongoing training. MOC University is a web-based learning system designed to improve customer satisfaction and profit levels at every step in your dealership.

Salesperson Training

Consumers love buying from people they already know. Training salespeople helps to retain them and encourages repeat buyers. Dealerships that require ongoing salesperson training accomplishes the following:

  • Salespeople understand the customer journey, which begins before they enter the showroom.
  • Salespeople understand how to effectively use the CRM.
  • Salespeople learn to personalize the car buying experience and request online reviews.
  • Salespeople are more knowledgeable about the products they are selling.

Creating a culture where training is mandatory, valued, and rewarded will set your dealership up for ongoing success in spite of industry challenges.

Business Manager Training

As profit margins shrink, F&I training is more important than ever. Ensuring that your F&I staff remains in compliance and meets their sales goals can be accomplished with scheduled training. Training for Business Managers includes:

  • Address shifts towards mobile processes
  • Leverage every step of the transaction process
  • Remain compliance
  • Build value in products
  • Maximize opportunity with off-site customers

Service Advisor Training

Training is what separates your automotive service department from the competition. Maintenance and service opportunities are the core of most successful dealerships. Training your service advisors is the best way to increase conversions and overall profit margin for your service department. From the process of selling parts and services to customer interactions and turn-around times, service advisors who are trained for excellence will outperform the competition. A strong automotive service business is defined by:

  • Clear goals
  • Streamlined processes
  • Trained staff

The MOC Products ACE™ – ADVISOR CONTINUING EDUCATION provides ongoing education for service advisors.

Service Technician Training

When service technicians fully understand their equipment and processes, they are more efficient and effective employees. Your automotive vendor should provide ongoing training for products and equipment as part of their service offering. If they don’t, it is time to find a new vendor. Online instructional training videos have several benefits:

  • Demonstrate proper use of equipment
  • Allow service technicians to learn at their own pace
  • Visual learning is more impactful

When service technicians are well-trained, they are more confident and are able to deliver a higher quality service in less time.

Positioning the future success of your dealership requires making manager and staff training a priority. For more information about MOC Products training opportunities, call 818-794-3500.


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