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The Life Cycle of a New MOC Products Machine Adapter

MOC products machine adapters

The Life Cycle of a New MOC Products Machine Adapter

There are lots of automotive product vendors out there. One of the reasons why MOC Products has been an industry leader since 1974 is our drive to be innovative. Our patented adapters are an important way that we differentiate ourselves from the competition. 

Benefits of Custom Adapters

Each year manufacturers come out with new models that alter vehicle system and connection points for fluid exchange equipment. When a dealership brings a newer vehicle into the service department but there is not an adapter for that new system, it is a lost revenue opportunity. To make matters worse, the time it takes some machine manufacturers to identify, prototype, test, manufacture and get it in the hands of technicians can be many months. 

 Here is how MOC is different…… 

How Are MOC Products Custom Adapters Developed?

MOC Products owns the patent to several custom adapters. Our adapter development process is exhaustive and guarantees that the custom adapter will benefit the end user and create a more streamlined experience for technicians. 

Step One: Qualify a New Need and Identify Solutions

Through relationships with our customers, we learn the pain points and needs of automotive technicians in the field. Our account managers routinely discuss ways in which we can improve our product offerings and developing new adapters is one of those ways. Once we understand the need, we qualify it by surveying other industry professionals.  We then evaluate whether we have an existing adaptor that can be adjusted or if we must develop a new design. 

Step Two: Determine Dimensions and Design

During this step, our engineers will spend  time in the field taking measurements at access points and visualizing the dimensional requirements of the adapter. The measurements are converted into an actual CAD drawing during this step. Multiple views are developed to prepare for the next step.

Step Three: Print a 3D Sample and Test

Our in-house 3D printers allow us to transform our CAD designs to a physical version of the adapter. Once we have a 3D sample of the new adapter, we can test it. We bring it into the field to match it up and confirm that all of the measurements are correct. This step saves time by avoiding the need to test multiple versions of actual prototypes.

Step Four: Create and Test a Prototype

Once the 3D sample phase is complete, an actual working prototype made of proposed final material is fabricated. The  prototype is rigorously tested in the field to ensure proper performance. Feedback is generated from the tests and adjustments are made, if necessary.

Step Five: Send to Production

When  the testing has confirmed that the prototype functions as designed, it is time for the new custom adapter to be sent to production. Molds are created and the first production run is scheduled. 

All of these steps are completed in-house and our lifecycle is considerably shorter than our competitors. In this ever-changing industry, new adapter needs are identified monthly and the life cycle starts over.  


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