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What Does the Plastic and Can Shortage Mean for the Auto Industry?

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What Does the Plastic and Can Shortage Mean for the Auto Industry?

The automotive industry is dependent upon a delicate supply chain balance that can be easily disrupted. Vehicle parts, auto maintenance supplies, and even auto fluids rely on multiple components coming together at the same place and at the same time for assembly. When suppliers experience a shortage of parts or supplies, the whole chain is bottlenecked and eventually halted. 

Although most people feel that we have moved past COVID-19 challenges, supply chains are still experiencing pandemic pain. Shipping containers are not yet moving at normal speeds and, as a result, ports are experiencing actual container shortages. The unexpected freeze in Texas complicated matters for the plastic industry by shutting down plants along the Gulf of Mexico. Some of those plants are just now back to normal operations, having missed weeks of production. 

Limited supplies of plastic resin and an unprecedented domestic shortage of steel cans have forced manufacturers to seek alternative packaging, materials, and sources. The chain reaction continues, spanning across multiple industries, including the auto industry. 

Are You Experiencing Supplier Shortages?

The disruptions in the supply chain have translated into shortages in brake fluid, coolant products, and fuel items. These are necessary products for any dealership or service center, although many suppliers across the country are delaying orders for replenishment due to packaging shortages. If your dealership or service center is experiencing delays in order fulfillment by your current suppliers, consider contacting MOC Products. 

How Has MOC Products Overcome This Challenge to Keep Customers Well-Stocked?

Some big-name automotive chemical suppliers do not manufacture their own products. They rely heavily on third-party manufacturers to supply them with products that they then distribute to you, the customer. When shortages occur, these big names hope they are high enough in the pecking order to receive priority. If they are not prioritized by the manufacturers, they will not be able to get you the products you need.

MOC Products manufacturers over 90% of the products they provide to dealerships and service centers. It is simple- the more control over the manufacturing process, the less negative impact during shortages. 

Are you struggling to get the products you need from your current supplier? If so, contact MOC Products at 516-672-2536.


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