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Is Brake Fluid Service Important?

Moc Brake Fluid Service

Is Brake Fluid Service Important?

Although no one denies how important the brake system is to a vehicle, brake fluid is still one of the most neglected fluids. It is common to see vehicle owners bringing their vehicle in for a routine oil change or even driveline service, but very rarely do customers request brake fluid service.

What is Brake Fluid?

Vehicle brake systems depend on fluid, as they are hydraulic systems. Pressing on the brake pedal pushes fluid that creates pressure that forces the pads onto the rotor. The rotors are connected to the wheel hubs and spin as the wheel turns. Without the fluid, the pressure can’t be created. When a vehicle experiences a brake fluid leak, it should be serviced immediately.

Even if there is no leak, old brake fluid can become ineffective. Over time, brake fluid absorbs water from the air and can cause a build-up on the brakes. Additionally, as the brake fluid absorbs water, it will have a lower boiling point. During hard braking, the brakes heat up and may cause watered down brake fluid to boil up into the lines. This results in a failed braking system.

When Do Vehicles Require Brake Service?

When vehicles go in for service, there may be a visual inspection of the brake fluid. These inspections are misleading because it is impossible to know if brake fluid still meets performance requirements simply by looking at it.

The longevity of brake fluid depends on a number of factors including:

  • Make/model of the vehicle
  • Quality of brake fluid
  • Type of brake system

Brake fluid that is still performing has a low water concentration and maintains the integrity of the brake fluid additives. There are several brake fluid tests that can be conducted to determine whether brake fluid is still meeting performance; however, replacing brake fluid is the best solution if there is any question about the effectiveness. Vehicle manufacturers have a specified interval for brake fluid exchange that should be honored.

Replacing Brake Fluid

Replacing brake fluid is a bit more complex than replacing other fluids, such as oil. Vehicles use a large volume of brake fluid that requires a machine to pressure bleed the brake system. It is necessary for all air to be removed from the brake system during this process to prevent braking issues later.

MOC Products offers everything service providers need to provide complete brake fluid exchange for their customers. The Pure Brake Fluid Exchanger includes many features that save time and prevent messy clean-up while performing brake fluid exchange services. Complete the service with MOC products brake fluid, a high-quality product that exceeds safety standards.

For more information about brake fluid exchange, watch the quick video below.

Brake Fluid Exchange from MOC Products Company on Vimeo.


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