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Tips for Prepping Your Vehicle for Spring

Prepping Your Vehicle for Spring

Tips for Prepping Your Vehicle for Spring

As the long, cold winter comes to a close and spring approaches, your vehicle needs some care. Harsh winters can be tough on vehicles and a bit of maintenance can go a long way and extend the life of your vehicle.

Schedule a service appointment with your local shop and ask them to perform the following:

Tire Check

Colder temperatures can cause tire pressure to drop, so check your pressure, perform a tire rotation, and look for any damage. Replacing tires before they fail is the safest choice.

Alignment and Suspension Inspection

Potholes caused by snow and ice can cause issues for your vehicle’s alignment and suspension. Routine maintenance and adjustments made to your alignment and suspension will keep your vehicle operating smoothly and safely.

Test the Power Steering

Maintaining a smooth steering motion in your vehicle is an important safety measure. Steering fluids can lose their ability to protect the steering system over time. Your service center can inspect and test the power steering system to ensure that your steering is safe and to prevent premature wear and tear.

Fluid Inspection

In addition to changing your oil as recommended, inspecting the other fluids in your vehicle is important, as well. Make sure that the following fluids are checked for effectiveness:

Brake Inspection

Properly functioning brakes are imperative. Have your brake pads and rotors checked to ensure they are functioning properly. Brake fluid should also be checked, as it continuously absorbs moisture from the air which leads to corrosion. Your local service shop should perform a brake fluid exchange service if it is determined that your existing fluid has deteriorated.

Thorough Detailing

The ice and salt from winter roads cause damage to painted surfaces as well as the undercarriage of your vehicle. Build up of dirt and debris can cause rust and an unsightly appearance. We recommend using Reflection on all painted surfaces. The all-in-one polish leaves a durable finish on painted surfaces and offers protection from further damage.

Now that your vehicle is ready for the warmer months, get out on the road and enjoy.


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