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Is Premium Gas Better For Your Vehicle Than Regular Gas?

Each time you pull up to the fuel pumps, you have a choice to make- unleaded, plus, or premium gas. The majority of drivers bypass premium and opt for the less expensive regular unleaded gas. Most drivers don’t understand the difference between regular and premium gas and could unwittingly be causing damage to their vehicles. 

What Is The Difference Between Regular and Premium Gas?

Most fuel stations offer three octane levels of gas: regular (87), mid-grade (89), and premium (93). Octane level is the fuel’s ability to combust more smoothly without engine knocking or pinging. Although premium gas includes some additives, the most important difference is the octane level. Octane slows and controls the detonation of fuel during compression. The higher the octane level, the less likely the engine is to knock or ping. 

Can I Use Regular Gas In My Vehicle?

It is important to read your vehicle owner’s manual to determine whether upgraded fuel is required for optimal performance of your vehicle. Luxury vehicles are equipped with high compression engines that require a higher octane to keep them from knocking. When the engine is not performing at its best, fuel efficiency will decrease and engine damage may result. Higher compression engines require higher octane levels so that the fuel doesn’t ignite too early. Using a lower than recommended octane level can result in fuel combustion too quickly. In addition to knocking, your car’s power and fuel economy will be adversely affected. Eventually, engine damage can occur.

Using a fuel with a higher octane rating than recommended doesn’t cause any harm to your vehicle, nor does it help.

How Can Additives Help?

Regardless of the fuel you use, it is smart to use additive cleaners to dissolve fuel deposits and restore your engine to peak performance. We recommend a three-step fuel system service:

Combustion Chamber Cleaner

Formulated to quickly dissolve heavy fuel deposits, MOC Products Restore is a combustion chamber cleaner that dissolves build up on injector tips, pistons, and other combustion chamber surfaces in GDI and high-output engines. The solvent blend improves engine performance, reduces emissions, and restores power. 

GDI Intake Cleaner

MOC Products Dissolve is formulated to dissolve heavy deposits from the intake valves and ports of gasoline direct injection engines that are prone to excessive carbon build-up. Dissolve is specially blended and will not harm oxygen sensors or catalytic converters. 

Fuel System Cleaner

The third step is to add MOC Products Enhance, which is a super concentrated tank additive with advanced detergent technology. The formula cleans combustion chambers, removes carbon from intake valves, and restores proper flow in fuel injectors. 

When the three steps are followed, your engine’s performance will be restored to like new and the longevity of your engine will be extended. It is important to understand your specific vehicle, use the proper specified gas, and treat your engine with a regular fuel system cleaner.


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